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On The Tenth Trip of SoCo...

This marked our tenth flight for SoCo and the second mission for copilot extraordinaire Elizabeth.  Thursday we braved some weather and headwinds after loading the plane with supplies desperately needed at SoCo’s facility in Georgia.  Upon landing Scott greeted us with the bus, we transferred the provisions and readied the plane for the next days flight back to New Jersey with the pups.  

Friday morning came as did an improved forecast, clear skies and favorable winds made the trip back to NJ quick and smooth.  Elizabeth enjoyed the companionship that only a dog can provide as she entertained (or he entertained Elizabeth) ‘Brock’ on her lap for much of the flight.  

In addition to the many SoCo fosters and volunteers who met us at Sky Manor to collect the dogs, we were greeted by Kara from Beneduce Vineyards.  Kara came to help and see the operation first hand as Beneduce had just made a very generous donation to FlyPups.  It was a good day.  





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