Help Us, Help You, Help The Pups

Thank you…

for finding your way to this page. It means a great deal to the entire FlyPups family that you think enough of our mission to contribute a most precious commodity, your time. Please know all help is appreciated and we understand how busy everyone is with life demands. We look forward to having you as part of the team.

Help us, help you, help the pups. Shari, our esteemed volunteer coordinator would like to know a little more about you and in what capacity you’d like to join the FlyPups family. Please check the boxes for areas in which you’d like to offer your assistance.

Preferred Tasks


If you’d like to assist with things like data entry, composing & responding to emails, writing thank you’s, and things of this nature we’d be most grateful.


Whether you’re a certificated pilot or a willing passenger, coming along on missions to aid in loading/unloading, taking pictures & videos, and filling out puppy logbooks is an adventure you won’t soon forget. Fair warning, there is a list for this slot as it’s a desired position.


We are working on ways to organize and utilize additional pilots. If you are inclined to help, please let us know and we’ll contact you once we’re better positioned.


We can always use help sharing our mission as it’s beneficial to both those who require our services as well as those who wish to offer their support. Things like assisting in the development of materials for sponsorships & fundraisers, updates for the website and social media platforms, as well as blog writing are just a few of the tasks we are currently undertaking.


Assistance with organizing various functions such as 5k run, dinners, banquets, raffles, tricky tray’s, and the like is greatly appreciated. These tasks take a village and have so many components requiring attention.


Housekeeping – It may not be glamorous, but its important! We take great care to clean & disinfect crates after each mission, and help is always appreciated. We can also use help keeping the plane clean & hangar organized on special airport work days.

Special Skill

Tell us about yourself! The FlyPups team is comprised of individuals with all sorts of talents. Please share with us something about you which may benefit the FlyPups mission. It could be anything, perhaps you play guitar and want to entertain at a fundraiser or are skilled at making videos, there really are so many ways to help. We look forward to learning more about you.

Act as if what you do makes a difference… It does.

Volunteers are not paid -not because they are worthless but because they are priceless.


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