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Planes, Puppies, and Automobiles...

A shelter with facilities in NJ & GA loaded their dogs on the transport bus in GA and started to head north. Shortly after departing, the bus breaks down.  They had no choice but to turn back and return to the shelter.  The NJ facility bought a new-used van and began the trip down south to retrieve the dogs. Shortly after they begin their trip with the new van, it breaks down. Twenty dogs are now stuck in GA, and holding places in the shelter that other dogs could be occupying. A desperate situation.

The folks of SoCo Rescue 2001 reached out to FlyPups and asked if we could help.  So without hesitation, we loaded up food and supplies from the NJ facility, and took to the skies, returning the next day with a plane full of dogs!  FlyPups …to the rescue!

This trip was indeed one for the record books.  We departed for Georgia on the 26th anniversary of me acquiring my pilots certificate, and on the way home we hit the 100,000 miles we’ve flown for dogs (that is more than four trips around the earth).  The best part was knowing 20 more dogs were safe, and going right to their forever families. It was a good day.

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