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A most heartbreaking story with a heartwarming ending, that’s Radar. He was named by the police officer who found him, almost dead, on the side of the road outside Philadelphia, PA. Radar, a beautiful Pitbull, had been used as a bait dog in a fighting ring. After receiving life threatening wounds was tossed out and left to die.

A most incredible effort was put forth by so many individuals in the surrounding community. First Radar’s physical needs were tended to with numerous surgeries and much needed wound care. After almost a year of healing, Radar was in need of some help readjusting emotionally and being retrained to trust both people and other canines alike.

FlyPups was called and asked to transport Radar to a behaviorist in Cleveland, OH. We couldn’t wait to be part of this huge effort to help this most betrayed dog.

It was a reception like no other as more than thirty people, each of whom had played a part in Radars rescue and recovery, came to see him off. Tears of both sadness and joy were shed as we loaded him into the plane. It was a short flight, just over an hour, and Radar was delivered to Chuck, the behaviorist.

We were moved to learn that Radars progress was so impressive and his nature so nurturing that he was kept on at the retraining center to be part of the team helping other dogs with similar issues. Radar was able to use his most depraved experiences to do good by his fellow pups. FlyPups, No, RADAR …to the rescue!

Sia The Lurcher


Lurchers while not an AKC breed, have a most interesting history. Bred by gypsies in parts of Europe, these greyhounds mixed with other hounds are trained to steal. As part of the process, they are named with two syllable names starting with the letter ’s’ so they can be differentiated by the single syllable commands and spoken quietly.

Unfortunately, folks in the US have taken to using these dogs for another depraved purpose, underground racing. Ultimately, the ones that don’t run fast enough are discarded. And since bringing them to a shelter would draw attention to the illegal actives, the slow ones are killed. But sometimes, someone infiltrates the nefarious activates and offers to take and destroy the slow ones. Then he’ll actually drive them to a cooperating rescue a couple counties away where they are to be re-homed and adopted to someone residing far enough away they won’t be discovered.

Such was the case with Sia. We were asked to fly out OH and retrieve a most stunning Lurcher and deliver her back to NJ. Here she lives on a beautiful farm in a most loving home with Sara where she’s cherished and loved. FlyPups, no, SARA …to the rescue!



It’s been said the dog chooses you.  Such was the case with Charlie.

It was a rescue flight like any other until, Annelise, a FlyPups volunteer and professional photographer started laughing.  She explained that each time I took a bite of my sandwich, this lil pup in the back of the  plane would tilt her head and lick her lips.  I laughed as I witnessed this for myself.  I commented she had a little heart marking on her head.  Knowing I’d lost my lil buddy beagle, Squire a few months back, Annelise nudged me and said she thought this one might make a new best friend for me.  Well, I mentioned that I wasn’t sure I was quite ready, and besides, each of my dogs had a white tipped tail.  Well, just as those words left my lips, this pup turned around in her crate and showed me her white tipped tail.  We laughed.

Annelise was rather insightful with her assessment.  Since this pup came from the portion of Mississippi referred to as the Delta, and my call sign in the plane is 1DC or (One Delta Charlie), it seemed fitting that she be my one delta Charlie.
Charlie became my new best lil girlfriend and FlyPups mascot.  I hope,  through our posts, you’ll derive even a portion of the love and joy she’s brought my home and life.

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FlyPups is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit comprised of volunteers, still the costs associated with transporting these dogs over great distances is significant.  So far the number of trips we fly is limited not by our volunteers available time or the overwhelming number of dogs seeking refuge, but by funding.

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Vicki T. - NJ

Pilot Matthew Kiener flew his plane from NJ to NC to pick up 24 dogs and bring them to Popcorn Park Zoo in NJ.  The dogs were removed from a hoarder and scheduled to be destroyed before being rescued.

Matt volunteered his time and plane to bring these dogs to a safe haven.  As a result, I was able to adopt Joey, a 4-year-old Pomeranian, and Chihuahua mix from Popcorn Park in Forked River, NJ. 

Joey is adapting well and gets along well with my cats.  While he is still timid of new people and dogs, he’s improved greatly in the short time I’ve had him.  Joey has enjoyed his trips to the shore, running in the sand, and was unafraid of the waves.  He is a remarkable pup, and I’m truly grateful to both Matthew Kiener & Popcorn Park Zoo. 


Devon Q. - NY

A litter of puppies. Terrified. Living in a dark basement and fighting for food for the first 6 months of their lives. This was King’s reality and could have been the end of his story if not for Matthew Kiener and FlyPups.

Matthew and his organization, FlyPups, flew south to save those poor pups and bring them north to New Jersey to begin healing. King was lucky enough to be rescued by FlyPups so that he could one day be adopted and join my family. King has brought so much love and laughter to my home…and none of that would have been possible if not for Matthew. His love for dogs in need is evident and his work is truly from the heart. His missions have saved countless dogs from terrible fates.  I cannot thank FlyPups enough for bringing me the greatest gift of puppy love. Thank you, FlyPups! We are furever grateful!


Sara S. – NJ

FlyPups graciously brought Pepper to me on November 20, 2013.

I foster dogs with the Burlington County Animal Alliance, and I was asked to pick up Pepper after a flight with FlyPups from his temporary home at a shelter in North Carolina to me in New Jersey. He’d been scheduled to be euthanized the day BCAA agreed to take him while we looked for a permanent home. I didn’t know much about him at the time, or his story, but I do know that without this flight to me, Pepper wouldn’t have had achance.

My family and I immediately fell in love with him, and decided that we wanted to adopt Pepper ourselves. I am forever grateful to FlyPups and Matthew Kiener for donating countless hours to this wonderful cause! Keep up the great work!

Joan of Arc

Raquel P. - NJ

We just adopted a dog from Eleventh Hour Rescue who was saved by FlyPups. Just wanted to let you know that “Joan of Arc”, one of the puppies flown to NJ on 4-17-14 who had never seen daylight prior, is in her forever home.

She now has two acres of open land, and big brother who is an English Lab, two parents who love her, and a 4-year-old girl who “Joan of Arc” may love more than any of us! She is an absolute angel! Thank you so much for what you do, I wanted you to know she will live happily ever after now.