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1,000 FlyPups

Each mission I fly is special. This one will forever rank among my favorites for a number of reasons. In the scary time of Covid-19 and self isolation, Elizabeth and I were able to carefully, and with many precautions, fly a mission to Mississippi returning to New Jersey with 42 pups, tying our old record. Some of the stories were beyond heartbreaking. One dog had been found nursing on its deceased mother. Another had been dumped after giving birth to a litter of puppies. The family decided to keep the puppies and discard the mother. This poor creature was found roaming around in a very rural field and once brought to safety was throwing up rags as that’s all there was for her to eat.

Despite the aforementioned depravity, there was so much about this trip for which to be grateful. We had smooth flights, and most appreciative passengers. And with folks remaining home, alone, and unable to visit friends, adoptions are at an all time high. This was an extraordinary day in that 10 of the 42 pups went to various personal friends of mine, and I’ll get to see them heal and grow. FlyPups …to the rescue!

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